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What is a Verification of Competency?

This process supports companies in maintaining full compliance. Particularly in the industrial electrical field, it is a key priority for our industrial clients to ensure their teams remain compliant with legislation and standards. How a site verifies the competency of their employee varies, however, most sites require a Statement of Attainment from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) along with site-based VOC procedures. This includes logbooks, training and assessments.

Site Skills Training can verify competencies on all High-Risk Licence and Non-High Risk Competencies. Our VOCs are derived from Nationally Recognised units of competency, Australian and International Standards, Manufacturer’s Manuals, Legislation and Company Procedures. Site Skills Training is also approved to undertake RIO, Inpex and Bechtel Verification of Competency Assessments.

Those who are starting a new position or changing sites that need to prove competency.

Contact Site Skills Training for current verification of competency price list. Group bookings can be made.

Duration varies for each VOC type however an average is 4 hrs.

Candidates must hold the relevant competency or High-Risk Licence being verified.

Once verified, candidates will receive a Site Skills Training verification of competency record. Where applicable, company representatives will also receive a copy.

Getting Your Teams Assessed and Site-Ready

VOCs are often overlooked, and there could be a large number of companies who are employing external contractors without verifying their competencies. In doing so, the business and staff are exposed to huge risks. If an employee is not competent, it can lead to a major safety hazard in performing high-risk tasks and potentially cause an explosion or major site outage.

As an RTO, Competency Training / Site Skills Training’s (CT / SST) highly qualified trainers and assessors complete VOC on employees to ensure compliance and a non-biased assessment. We also ensure that the certificate we provide to verify competency is correct and non-fraudulent. CT / SST offers a large range of courses with nationally recognised units of competency targeted to different roles and responsibilities, resulting in Statements of Attainment which can be combined with a specific VOC process.

The Importance of Managing Competency

The responsibility to verify competency lies with the owner, however, maintaining compliance is everybody’s responsibility. Don’t let operational pressures and deadlines push VOCs down the priorities list. Employing competent people greatly increases safety and production on-site. We recommend that all sites have a VOC policy and procedures on-site to ensure compliance. Companies should employ a procedure that works best for them.

Not all VOCs are created equal. Because VOC sits outside the VET system and its regulator ASQA, there is no guarantee that a quality assurance process has been applied to any given VOC process.

VOCs are undertaken on persons who already hold a current ticket, licence or unit of competency, to verify that they are still competent to that standard.

To undertake a VOC, participants must provide their relevant licence or Statement of Attainment prior to VOCs being conducted. This along with relevant work documents or logbooks will give a guide to what skill level they should hold.

If students cannot provide their relevant licence or Statement of Attainment CT / SST cannot undertake a VOC, however, can offer Full training and assessment.

Popular Courses

Competency Training / Site Skills Training (CT / SST) can perform VOC for workers in some of the following skills.

Please note VOCs are non-accredited & students receive a Certificate of Attendance only. Contact us for more information