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No courses currently available

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The course aims to provide support personnel with no technical knowledge with a basic overview of the LNG industry. We believe it is vitally important that support personnel understand the language of LNG.

This course explains the purpose and history of liquefying methane for transport, where the methane originates from and how the methane is processed and transported to its destination.

Our course leader has a particular talent for making the complex seem simple and hundreds of people and organizations around the world have benefited from his delivery of this program.


Upon successful completion of Non-Technical Overview: LNG, participants will receive a Statement of Completion.

As with all our courses, we teach fundamentals enabling the delegate to understand the basic principles of operation, not theoretically as in technical education, but practically from a real-world operational point of view.

This course was designed to provide support staff with a working vocabulary to enhance their ability to support LNG operations. The course covers the issues associated with the industry, where and how LNG is found, how LNG is produced, the handling of the associated waste materials and what the future holds for energy production.

A basic to moderate English language, computer literacy and numeracy skill level is required.

All participants are required to wear the following minimum PPE to enter our facilities:

  • Fully enclosed shoes (steel-capped boots preferred)
  • Long-sleeve shirt with high visibility
  • Long work pants

Additional PPE may be required depending on the course requirements.



Mcdonald Goh
Mcdonald Goh
The trainers at site skills were very knowledgeable and worked with the guys that were finding it hard. We had Kurt and he was very hands on and took his time to explain and go through parts that seem difficult at first but got easier as we kept doing the revision. Top notch.
Chris Lawrence
Chris Lawrence
Friendly trainers and staff plenty of parking and easy to find. Smoko van pull up for smoko and lunch just outside the building.
Scott Bayntun
Scott Bayntun
Great facility and good trainers for the dogman course
Nigel Walton
Nigel Walton
Good course material, equipment & facilities. Great instructor. Thanks ????

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